More than a monitoring

  • Equipment for real-time monitoring of DVB-T / DVB-T2 / ISDB-Tb and transmitter RF performance.
  • Simultaneous monitoring of the ASI input or IP input Transport Stream to the transmitter and the Transport Stream demodulated by the transmitted RF signal.
  • Analysis of Transport Streams according to international standards.
  • Real-time analysis of "Black & Freeze" events on individual programs of the Transport Stream flow. Possibility to set event duration interval and percentage of the frame to be analyzed.
  • BER, MER and Carrier Offset measurements
  • SFN Network Delay
  • Graphical representation of Spectrum, Constellation and MER vs Carrier
  • Graphical representation of PCR Jitter Accuracy and PCR Overall Jitter
  • Remote viewing and real-time video (of both TS ASI stream and demodulated RF stream) via UDP
  • Log alarms and measures
  • Local visualization and settings via front display
  • Local visualization and settings via Web interface and SNMP
  • Manual recording of video streams with settable recording time
  • Automatic recording triggered by specific events
  • Multi-probe system with HDD for storing recording logs
  • SFN Check and PPS CrossCheck:
  • SFN DVB-T transmitters and GPS operativity check
  • RF Polling: monitoring of multi-channel systems using a single probe. The probe carries out measurements on all channels (up to 16) with a settable polling time


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