Main Characteristics

Italtelec developed mobile FM transmitter to provide robust, lightweight, on-the-move, high-performance broadcasting communications.

Kit Composition

Compact 300W Transmitter
Notebook 13"/15"
Radio Automation Software
Hybrid mixer/telephone
3 microphones
2 headphones
USB Speakers (optional)
Emergency battery
Battery recharger
Componible dipole antenna

Technical Characteristics

Transmitted power more than 300 Watt
Weight: less than 30kG
Dimensions: 500mm X 400mm X 200mm
Transportable in fly-case or in special backpacks



For more info, contact us at:

mobile transmitter



Italtelec S.p.A. was born in 1974, since the beginning operating in the Telecommunications sector with an experienced group of engineers, technical staff, systems experts and sales.


Contact Us

Via Tiberina, 49 - 00065 Fiano Romano (Roma) Italy
Tel: +39 0765 481633 / +39 0765 484028

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