The Multi Last Mile is a compact multichannel equipment for Digital Signal processing and Modulation, based on the latest technologies using an FPGA ( Field Programmable Gate Array ) and Direct Digital RF Up-Conversion. The use of the most modern technologies allows to have an extremely compact and efficient equipment with reduced consumption and dimensions of 2HE 19" Rack Standard.

The equipment is composed of 5 Channel Plugs, indipendent transmitting units each able to control the broadcast of a single channel up to 15Wrms. Up to 4 channels can be simultaneously on-air, while the 5th Channel Plug acts as a passive reserve automatically activated trough the internal switch-over logic when needed.

The integrated software, accessible both in local or remote, allows to set up and control every aspect of the equipment. The Digital Modulator provides the necessary modulation according to the chosen trasmission standard.

The MLM is equipped with Audio, Video and ASI Inputs with seamless switch and with an internal GPS receiver ( 1pps and 10Mhz ) for the necessary synchronization. An intuitive Local Interface displayed on the LCD and controlled through a rotative KNOB allows real-time monitoring and configuration of the equipment parameters.

Main Characteristics
Available in all current DTV standards
Up to 15Wrms for each channel
4+1 Hot Swap Modular System
Gap Filler and Digital Transposer
Full Self autonomy Plug-in modules:
   RX demodulator, modulator, RF power amp, CAM
Internal DVB S/2 multistream satellite receiver
Internal pluggable GPS receiver
2 ASI Inputs / Transmitter
DVB-T Regenerative Transposer
Dual Power Supply
MFN and SFN Network support
Web Server, SNMP Protocol


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