Italtelec S.p.A. was born in 1974, operating from the beginning in the Telecommunications sector. Starting with installation and maintenance of Airports Security Systems and Data Transmission networks, the Company has been protagonist of an exponential growing that brought it to increase its sphere of activity. At the end of the 90's, by the recruiting of a group of engineers, technical staff, systems experts and sales staff with more than 20 years experience in the Broadcasting field, Italtelec has expanded its activity field becoming manufacturer of Broadcast Equipment. Ranging from Analogue to Digital Technology,

Italtelec has reached soon a prominent position in the supply and setting up of TV & FM broadcast equipment to both private and state Broadcaster, in Italy and abroad. Italtelec is today it is an High Tech broadcast transmission equipment manufacturer, one of the most important and leading Italian Company operating in the Telecommunications sector. Our range of TV and FM products meets the requirements of the most sophisticated demand from the continuously evolving market. The Italtelec team over the years has carried out numerous TV & FM projects and supplied broadcasting equipment all over the world. The Italtelec growing up in the the worldwide market is based on constant pursuit for advanced, reliable technical solutions and a selection of qualified Sales and local Agent.

These professionals are able to play the role of key pivotal points for the marketing in the pertinent Regions, providing technical consultancy, project implementation and local area installation expertise. Born like a Services Company, we still consider these a strong point of our reality. Our technical team is able to guarantee a total support to our costumers: from the preventive maintenance, to the corrective repairs, always responding promptly to all requests (thanks to our dynamism and the always certain availability of spare parts), up to transferring the necessary know-how to the end users.

In addition to our detailed technical documentation , we supply, if requested, a series of training programs in Factory or On the Job. Due to the continuous expansion, Italtelec recently moved to a new facility located in Fiano Romano (Rome).


Italtelec S.p.A. was born in 1974, since the beginning operating in the Telecommunications sector with an experienced group of engineers, technical staff, systems experts and sales.


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Via Tiberina, 49 - 00065 Fiano Romano (Roma) Italy
Tel: +39 0765 481633 / +39 0765 484028

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