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Italtelec SpA is a modern engineering, prototyping and production company of digital radio and television equipment and radio frequency amplifier generators up to 3GHz.

It designs and manufactures digital/analogue Radio television transmitters, from small power to high power with high energy efficiency with special liquid cooling systems suitable for operating in extreme environmental conditions.

The modulation process fully digital, has allowed Italtelec to have a complete product list ranging from analog TV and Radio transmitters (under digital processing) to Dual cast transmitters (Analogue and Digital), to DAB transmitters up to full digital TV transmitters with high energy saving.

In recent years Italtelec has developed generators from 1 MHz to 3GHZ in the most disparate powers and ultra-compact systems for scientific, industrial and medical applications.



With over 45 years of experience in design and production of equipment for the digital and analogue terrestrial broadcasting for television and radio, Italtelec is present on the market with a wide range of products, vanguard...


Prevention of this influence, which is part of the protection of the territory, can be effectively implemented through intelligent means of supervision of the broadcast channels, capable of transmitting information of character security ...


Italtelec has developed several amplifiers and radio frequency generators at frequencies ranging from 1 MHz to 3.6 GHz. In the industrial field, it has developed completely solid state generators, replacing more and more technologies of the past...


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