The Multi Last Mile is a compact multi-channel transmitter for the digital processing and modulation of the FM signal, developed using a FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) and Direct Digital RF Up-Conversion.

The use of the most modern technologies allows for extremely compact and efficient equipment with reduced consumption and standard 2HE 19 “rack sizes.

The transmitter consists of 5 channel-plugs, independent transmission units, each capable of controlling the transmission of a single channel up to 150W. Up to 4 channels can be simultaneously on the air, while the 5th channel plug acts as a passive reserve automatically activated through the internal switching logic in case of need.

The MLM is equipped with different types of audio inputs and an internal GPS receiver (1 pps and 10Mhz) for the necessary synchronization. The integrated software, accessible both locally and remotely, allows you to set and control every aspect of the transmitter.

An intuitive local interface displayed on the LCD display allows real-time monitoring and configuration of equipment parameters.

Main features

Digital FM Modulation Process
Direct RF signal generation for performance
Superior RF and audio Output power up to 150W
The entire range of audio inputs available:
Analog L&R, Composite,
Analog Mono and AES simultaneously available for assignment primary and backup source signals
Ethernet connections for programming and data transmission
Universal power supply with factor correction of power and detection of low \ high voltages Basic RDS encoder included, they are provided connections for external SCA and RDS encoder Internal multistream
DVB S / 2 satellite receiver Internal GPS receiver module Including a low pass filter in the RF output for use directly on-air Simple LCD interface for setting, operation and maintenance 1 optional ASI (PID Filtering) input Web server, SNMP protocol